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Mobile Phones

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Student Mobile Phone Policy

Mobile phones are not allowed in the school without the written permission of the


This policy is to ensure:

1. That classes are not interrupted by the sound of mobile phones.

2. That students are not late for class because they are talking on or sending messages via mobile phone.

3. That students in class are concentrating on work rather than sending text messages to one another.

4. That text/video bullying and intimidation are prevented during school.

5. To safeguard individuals privacy in the school community.

If a teacher sees or hears a mobile phone during school hours, the mobile phone including sim card will be confiscated immediately and given to the Principal. The school reserves the right to confiscate a mobile phone (including sim card).

A mobile phone, which is confiscated, may be collected by the parent/guardian of the student concerned 8 weeks from date of confiscation.

If a second offence occurs, the mobile will be held for 12 weeks.

If a situation arises where a member of staff is confiscating a mobile phone and the student refuses to hand it over an automatic 3-day suspension will apply. On the fourth day after this offence, the student will be re-admitted after meeting with one of his/her parents on condition that he/she hands over the mobile phone which was brought into the school in its entirety and that a commitment is given that no further breaches will occur.

Any further occurrences will be referred to the Board of Management.





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